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Jo and David's House, Chamcook, Saint Andrews. 17th May 2023

Please go to the party website at  and add your name to the guestlist.

You will then be able to see who else is going to join us.

Previous Socials

Ramada Hotel, Fredericton, 12th November 2022

Please add your name to a guestlist to join us as we need to know how big a venue we will need.

The full guestlist can be found on the party website at "", this will take you to the pages showing the guestlists for our upcoming parties and socials.

As at 19:00 on 24th Oct 2022 we have 45 people booked, plus another 11 have put themselves as Possibly Attending on Fetlife.

Rockys Sports Bar & Yorks Bar, Hilton Hotel, St.John on Saturday 10th September 2022.

Fredericton Inn, Regent St. Fredericton on Saturday 11th September 2021