Social Nights for Swingers, Fetish and BDSM Kinksters in New Brunswick, Canada.

Social: An informal evening gathering or party.

In Alternative Adult Lifestyles they are also known as a "Munch" or a "Meet and Greet"

New Brunswick Socials are Social Nights for people living alternative adult lifestyle held in various locations in New Brunswick.

Our Social events allow Swingers, Kinksters and Fetishists and anyone else living an alternative lifestyle to meet in a low pressure, nuetral / non sexual environment, allowing them to chat and make contact with other people with no pressure to get involved.

Your hosts: JoJo and David (dirty-david) have been running Swingers and BDSM parties and Socials for many years in the UK and for 16 years in Spain. We moved to New Brunswick in April 2020 and now run regular Swingers Parties and Lifestyle Socials in the province.

If you are more interested in action rather than just talking, come along to one of our swingers parties at our home in Saint Andrews.

Our parties are for couples, single ladies and selected single males. The details of our swingers parties can be found on our party website at If you are holding a swingers or BDSM or Fetish party, we would love to hear about it. We will help you advertise it and probably come along if we are invited. (We have over 400 swingers and kinksters sites around the world, including over 40 Canadian Sites)

We welcome all adults interested in alternative lifestyles to come along to our Socials and join us for an evening of conversation, flirting and exchanging of details.

Check the page "Scheduled Socials" to see when and where the next social will be, and who intends to attend.

These pages are here to let you know where and when our swingers socials are run, and how you can contact us to arrange to attend.

We look forward to meeting with you very soon.

JoJo & Dirty David

VERY IMPORTANT: This site and all our lifestyle events and contacts are only for consenting adults over the age of 18.

Next Social
Date: 20th April 2024
Location: Ramada Hotel, Fredericton.

swingers socials in new brunswick, canada

Come along and join the fun

Our social events are open to couples, single ladies and single males.
Whatever your kink or sexuality you will be welcome.

Next Party
Date: See Poster Below
Location: Our House, Saint Andrews

swingers party in Atlantic Canada

Swingers Parties at our home

Our parties are open to all couples, all single ladies and select single males.
Visit our party site to find out more.